Episode #16 – Managing Menopause in the Workplace – Dr. Mache Seibel


Today’s episode of the Positive Pause is with Dr. Mache Seibel. Dr. Seibel is known for his expertise in helping menopausal women regain control over their lives, work, and relationships. With an impressive 25-year tenure as a Harvard Medical School faculty member, he’s not only shaped the field, but has also made a significant impact as the Founding Editor of The Hot Years™ magazine. author of the best-selling books, The Estrogen Window and The Estrogen Fix, and Editor of the #1 digital magazine for midlife women HotYearsMag.com. His latest book is Working Through Menopause: The Impact on Women, Businesses and The Bottom Line. Before transitioning to focus on menopause, Dr. Mache was a leading expert in infertility who performed some of the first In vitro fertilization successes in the United States. He’s a recipient of numerous awards, recognizing his contributions in speaking, writing, media coverage, research, and even music.

Despite the vast strides made in medical research, there’s still a significant gap in our understanding of women’s health.

In this episode, Dr. Seibel delves into:

  • Dispelling common misconceptions about menopause.
  • The workplace challenges faced by women navigating menopause.
  • Practical changes to support women during this transition.

Dr. Seibel also shares invaluable guidance on how women can approach menopause confidently, what women can and should do to prepare for menopause, and how to initiate conversations that answer their questions with their healthcare providers. 

Tune in for a wealth of insights on managing menopause in the workplace and beyond.

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