The National Menopause Foundation is incredibly grateful to the following donors for believing in our mission and being among the first to support our work:

FOUNDING PATRONS (donated $1,000 or more):

  • Brendan Burke
  • Debra Erikson
  • Claire Gill
  • Sally Fullman
  • Siobhan Sosa

FOUNDING MEMBERS (donated $50 or more)

  • Mary Boehm
  • Dawn Cardinale
  • Danielle Ezell
  • Makenna Lanea Fitzgerald
  • Presley Marie Fitzgerald
  • Barbara Grufferman
  • Karen Laberge
  • Grace Leong
  • Carrie Mapes
  • Jennifer McKee
  • Marissa Melton
  • Jessica Oppenheim
  • Brenda Padgett
  • Patty Pappas
  • Amanda Secor
  • Ann Stratte
  • Eleanor Troy
  • Kristie Wallis
  • Trish Wilmans
If you would like to become a Founding Patron or Founding Member, please use the donate button or send your tax deductible donation before December 31, 2019 to The National Menopause Foundation to 5680 King Centre Drive, Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22315. Tax ID# 82-3773599. For other opportunities to support the National Menopause Foundation, please contact our CEO, Claire Gill, at Thank you!