Episode #17 – Cultural Impacts on Menopause – Meera Bhogal

Today’s episode of the Positive Pause is with Meera Bhogal. Meera, who is lives in the UK, is a menopause expert, personal trainer & fitness coach and provides training, classes & advocacy on the topic of menopause throughout the UK and around the globe. She is passionate about  raising awareness of menopause, especially in South Asian communities, where it is not spoken about openly. She developed the Don’t Pause for Menopause, a successful bespoke 8-week program designed to coach perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women. The program is led by nutrition and wellbeing professionals, and participants learn how to manage their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to feel confident, strong and happy. Meera is also the Founder & Recipe Creator of MeerasMadeFromScratch.co.uk, and its products, recipes and programs have been featured in several magazines, newsletters, blogs and other media forms globally. 

In addition, Meera is Founder of Oak Lee Montessori School in the UK, which she opened in 2010 using her expertise as a practitioner for 20 years holding both a Montessori Diploma and a NNEB Diploma (now known as a Diploma in Childcare and Education), nursery nurse, and being a mother of 2 girls (now grown), and her ongoing passion for children’s health and wellbeing, to design a unique environment and create a methodology that has the Montessori ethos at its heart.

In this episode, Meera talks about:

  • Her personal menopause journey struggles and wanting to help education other women on their own journey regarding diet, fitness & more
  • Giving women a choice on managing their perimenopause & menopause symptoms
  • Encouraging women to learn about menopause and their value in society post-menopause
  • The importance of learning about the changes and needs of your body, and the importance of community.

Every woman’s experience with menopause is unique — the symptoms and the time it starts as well as the length will be different for each individual. There are also cultural differences surrounding menopause, and ethnicity can be a large factor in a woman’s experience.

Meera advocates for giving women power during their perimenopause / menopause journey. Giving women the knowledge and tools they need to identify and decide what’s best for them. While free and easy to access resources on menopause aren’t as available as we’d like, we have more than we’ve had in the past.

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