Episode #11 – Women’s Health Tech with Ann Garnier

Today’s guest is Ann Garnier, a healthcare leader and the driving force behind Lisa Health, the creator of the Midday App for menopause and healthy aging. As co-founder and CEO, Ann has dedicated her career to improving women’s health using technology.

Her passion for transforming women’s health after 40, coupled with her expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced technology, positions Ann as a true trailblazer in the realm of midlife women’s health and menopause support.

We’ve all heard the myths: that technology can’t help midlife women, that digital health can’t provide menopause support, and that it’s not safe to share personal health information online. Ann Garnier is here to share the truth about women’s health and technology and how it can help all of us.

Acknowledging menopause as a life stage enables women to better manage their health and wellness during this time, fostering a positive, informed approach to their journey. In this episode, Garnier shares her insights on addressing menopause as a life stage. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing that every woman’s experience with menopause is unique, highlighting the need for personalized guidance and support.

Ann also highlights the abundance of misinformation and ineffective solutions in the menopause space. She stresses the importance of guiding women through their menopause journey with evidence-based and science-backed guidance. Garnier’s dedication to accurate information and personalized support is exemplified in the development of the Midday App.

Claire and Ann also discuss the importance of providing accurate information. The Midday App was developed through collaborative research with top clinical and research institutions, such as Mayo Clinic and others. The app ensures that all information provided is supported by scientific evidence. Garnier emphasizes the need to break down ageist assumptions by demonstrating the potential of technology to transform women’s health in midlife.

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