Episode #6: Our Bodies at Menopause with Dr. Heather L. Johnson



There are many physical changes women experience at menopause. Some of these changes can be difficult to acknowledge and understand. In this episode of The Positive Pause we speak with Dr. Heather L. Johnson, an actively practicing gynecologist and author of two books, who, after delivering more than 3,500 babies over 40 years, recently retired as an obstetrician. Dr. Johnson shares recommendations on what to discuss with your gynecologist as you approach menopause and how to discuss even the most awkward questions you may have. She also shares some of the most common questions she gets from her patients. For more information and insights from Dr. Johnson, check out our “Inspirational Insights” section. You can also learn more and connect with Dr. Johnson via her website: https://askdrheatherjohnson.com/. And be sure to check out her book too, What They Don’t Tell You about Menopause: A Gynecologist’s Unofficial Guide to Premenopausal, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Life.