Episode #14 – Taking a Big Bite out of Life: Combining Foods, Friends and Fun

In today’s episode of The Positive Pause, Bonnie Tandy Leblang, National Menopause Foundation Board Member, leads the conversation on the fun of life with guest, Silvia Baldini.

Silvia is a branding expert and an Italian-born chef known for her work with popular Italian ingredients. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about food and wellness, and she holds the belief that wholesome cooking and traditional wisdom combined with technology will be the key to living a happy and healthy life. Silvia is an exceptional and passionate speaker, storyteller, educator, vibrant creator, product developer, and food entrepreneur.

Silvia approaches life with an excitement that comes across in this episode. She applies this in her cooking and her approach that it should go beyond just wanting to feed yourself. Her love for food has led her to look for and learn about the best quality ingredients she can use to create the best dishes and the best experiences.  

Her pursuit of quality ingredients led to some of her most exciting work, like launching The Secret Ingredient Girls, developing Coconut X Oil (which will re-launch in September 2023), and collaborating with Grace Farms to create a line of locally manufactured products with ethically sourced ingredients.

When it comes to her experience with menopause, and those of the women around her, Silvia is frustrated at how little it’s talked about and how little women actually know, and calls for more research and education to go behind it. She believes that it shouldn’t stop women from living their best life, and that products can be developed to help women during this time.

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