Episode #12 – Body Image at Midlife with Dr. Ellen Albertson

In today’s episode of The Positive Pause, we get to hear a relatable discussion on some of the shared struggles of women going through menopause, including low self-image & comparison, ways to love our bodies and practice self-compassion. Claire is joined by Dr. Ellen Albertson.

Dr. Albertson is also known as The Midlife Whisperer™. She is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self-compassion Teacher, and author. She helps women transform themselves so they have energy, confidence, and clarity to make their next chapter their best chapter.

In this episode, Dr. Albertson shares that there are two parts to improving our self-image: getting rid of basing our self-work on our looks and practicing self-compassion. She breaks down her research on self-compassion, what it is, how to practice it, and her discovery that in order for us to love our bodies, the only successful approach is by practicing compassion.

Menopause can also be the perfect time for transformation. Though a difficult time, it’s still a great time to slow down, take a pause, and take in your life, check what is and isn’t working, and ask how you can take better care of yourself. It’s a great opportunity to transform your entire self.

Menopause is a journey and it’s different for each woman, but it can be a beautiful time if we allow ourselves to go through it with compassion and take it as a time for ourselves.

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